Friday 19 January 2018

10 things to do in Dublin this weekend…

Riddle of the Burial Ground
Riddle of the Burial Ground
Christopher Lloyd and Michael J Fox
The Script rock band vocalist, Irish Danny O'Donoghue performs during the second day of the of the Pinkpop Music Festival
Bez and Shaun Ryder

Apparently, there’s a lot of festival fun to be had outside of the capital this weekend.

 Body & Soul in Westmeath (sold out), Sea Sessions in Bundoran (sold out); is there anything left for Dubliners to enjoy on their own turf? Well, yeah. We’ve got one of the biggest Irish bands of all time playing Croker, the smartest comic on these shores is back in the finest venue and, hey, a Mexican tall ship has popped by for a visit. What more could you ask for? Wait, don’t answer just yet – maybe check out our guide first…


The Comedian

Dara O Briain at Vicar Street

One of the most gifted and prolific comedians in the world, we are, quite frankly, fed up with Dara O Briain’s nightly, post-gig ritual tweet, in which he always lists a number of random…well…things, and tops it off with #youhadtobethere. We want to be there, Dara. We’re tired of being left out. Luckily, Dara has more or less set up shop at Vicar Street again (seriously, Crowd Tickler looks set to entertain the entire country at this stage). Oh yes, we love a good stand-up residency. Stop by, folks – there ain’t another comic in the world that can shift from matters of science, mathematics and philosophy to hilarious sex gags within the blink of an eye. And, it’s all very, very funny. Clever, too. Yep, Dara O Briain is the multi-tasking joke-teller, and he just so happens to be at the top of his game…

Tonight – Saturday (he’s back next week). Tickets: €30. For more, visit www.aikenpromotions.com.


The Leadership Festival

Inspirefest 2015

A three-day international event at the Bord Gais Energy Theatre, Inspirefest 2015 “connects professionals interested in the future of science, technology, engineering and mathematics with new perspectives on innovation, leadership and success”. An event with “diversity at its heart”, the aim here is to “challenge the status quo in the STEM sectors”, and the speaker line-up and attendance list features a number of remarkable female professionals, including Shelly Porges (Hillary Clinton’s former advisor), Northern Irish astrophysicist Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell and video game developer Brianna Wu. The Inspirefest Fringe will also be happening at Merrion Square Park over the weekend. Expect live music, workshops and film screenings - and maybe even some fun for the entire family.

Thursday – Saturday. For a full list of ticket prices, speakers and events, visit www.inspirefest2015.com.  


The Tall Ship

The Cuauhtémoc comes to town…


Here’s a few fun facts about the Mexican Naval Ship Cuauhtémoc. First of all, it arrived in Dublin yesterday. Secondly, it stands at, oh, around 270ft (that’s one heck of a tall ship) and weighs about 1,800 tonnes. And, it’s here for the next four days. Yep, it’s all about celebrating four decades of diplomatic relations between Mexico and Ireland, apparently, and the Cuauhtémoc is certainly a sight to behold (with 225 sailors on board). You can check it out yourself (for free) at Sir John Rogerson’s Quay from 10am-7pm (Thurs-Sat) and 10am-3pm (Sun). Say hello to Captain Pedro Mata while you’re at it…


The Exhibition

Riddle of the Burial Grounds, Project Arts Centre

Riddle of the Burial Ground

Actually, we’ve got two recommendations for you here. First up is Riddle of the Burial Grounds, a free, international exhibition running until August 1st that “puzzles over signs, forms and communication, motivated by one of the major problems facing our planet – the markings and warnings around nuclear burial sites.” How about that for a synopsis, eh? Did you know that mankind is entering the ‘Anthropocene’ era? Nope, me neither. I guess we’ll just have to allow the visual arts to educate us further, and Riddle… has it covered via the mediums of sculpture, film, photography, documentary, science-fiction, and imagined futures (we’re particularly intrigued by that last part).

Secondly, the good folks over at Roasted Brown have only gone and put together a smashing pop-up coffee shop in the bar upstairs. It’s open midweek until June 24th, but it’s closed on Saturday and Sunday – so you know what you have to do, right? Of course you do.

For more, visit www.projectartscentre.ie.


The Movie Event

IFI Open Day, Temple Bar

Back to the future car.jpg
Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox in Back To The Future

Christopher Lloyd and Michael J Fox in Back to the Future

There’s an open day at one of our favourite cinemas in the city this weekend, and boy, is it a good one. The deal here is that most of the tickets become available on the actual day – none of this messing around on d’Internet lark. What have we got to look forward to? Loads, including free sneak previews, “old favourites and archive films”, special tours and more. They’ve even put together a ‘Pop-Up Picture House’. Yes, it’s open to children (the ‘Time Machine Workshop’ has us well excited) and the special late-night screenings are free, too – get there fast, film lovers. What, you need more convincing? Okay, well, they’re showing Back to the Future. And Monty Python’s Life of Brian. And Jaws. Don’t be a fool, now…

Saturday. For a full schedule of events, visit www.ifi.ie/openday.


The Big Gig

The Script at Croke Park

Ireland’s favourite pop-rock trio The Script touch down for one hell of a homecoming this Saturday at GAA Headquarters, with Danny O’Donoghue and the boys set to take on their largest headlining gig EVER. We hear there are a few last-minute tickets on sale, too. Whatever about the choons (Danny and Co. trade in the safest of safe heartbreak pop) there’s no denying this group’s capabilities and skills as a proper live band. Put it this way, you won’t catch these lads staring at their feet. Not when there’s a football stadium full of fans (most of ‘em teenage girls, we presume) to entertain. Expect fireworks (we mean that literally). Support comes from The Wailers and the man in the hat himself, Mr. Pharrell Williams (you may have heard of them).

Saturday. Tickets priced from €45 available at www.ticketmaster.ie.


The Smaller Gig

Black Grape at the Academy

Bez and Shaun Ryder

Happy Mondays ringleader Shaun Ryder swings into town tomorrow night for a gig with his second-most famous band, Black Grape, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the group’s acclaimed debut, ‘It's Great When You're Straight... Yeah’ (that title doesn’t mean what you think it does). Might we suggest a fun past-time while you wait for Shaun and his maracas-wielding partner in crime, Bez, to turn Dublin upside down? Google ‘Shaun Ryder, Interview’. Any link should do. You’re welcome.

Friday. Tickets priced €30 available at www.ticketmaster.ie.


The Garden Festival

Dublin Garden Festival, Christ Church Cathedral

Following on from last year’s inaugural gathering, the Dublin Garden Festival returns to the picturesque surroundings of Christ Church this weekend. The theme this year is ‘fairy tales’. So, the cathedral “will be adorned with floral installations and props so that it is transformed into a magical wonderland.” Sounds beautiful to us. Expect stunning arrangements and displays - inside and outside the cathedral, gardening advice, a petting zoo, Irish food produce, craft demonstrations, afternoon tea, guest speakers (Eamon Dunphy is in there, would you believe) and more.

Friday to Sunday. For a full list of ticket prices and events, visit www.dublingardenfestival.ie.


The Night Out

The Wellington Weekender at the Workman’s Club

Actually, it’s an entire weekend out and - get this - it’s all free. What’s more, the generous folks over at our favourite Wellington Quay hotspot have assembled quite a bill, from Northern Soul boogie sessions (Friday night) and raucous live sets courtesy of We Cut Corners (Saturday) and Darling (Sunday), to the Workman’s Market (Saturday) and the Workman’s Karaoke Club (Sunday). We’re merely skimming the surface here. Basically, it’s a three-day festival under one roof, with zero admission fees and lots and lots of tunes, food, market treats and dancing. Nice one, lads.

For a full line-up of events, visit www.theworkmansclub.com.


The Design Event

The Chocolate Factory Collection, Kings Inn Street

“A new creative community developing in the old Williams & Woods building in Dublin on Kings Inn Street”, the Chocolate Factory opens its doors this weekend for a three-day shindig celebrating emerging design talent in Ireland. What we have here is a free furniture and interiors exhibition, with its very own pop-up shop to boot (there are loads of these pop-up yokes happening around the city this weekend, right?). The launch takes place tomorrow night, offering punters the chance to take part in a special ‘design café’ event, too. We’re in.

Friday to Sunday. Free admission. For more, visit www.chocolatefactory.ie.

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