Tuesday 16 January 2018

10 things to do in Dublin this weekend

Get Up & Go
The Manhattan Transfer
The Charlatans
Solas on Camdent Street, which has been sold
Jeff Mills
Cornupcia Wicklow Street
To Kill a Mockingbird, Bord Gais Energy Theatre

Tomorrow marks the beginning of summer. Yeah, we know, it’s freezing outside.

That bus strike is going to cause all kinds of mayhem, too, this being a bank holiday weekend and…hold up. It’s a bank holiday weekend. It’s officially May. We have three days off work. Three. Whole. Days. Well holy moly, that’s something to get excited about, right? Grab your hat and scarf, friends - we’re off out. You can come with us, if you like. It’s not as if we’re stuck for things to do in this buzzing, beautiful city of ours…


The Film

Get Up & Go, General Release, 15A

Fran the Man and Tommy Boy, back together again, like the good-old days. Only, this isn’t Love/Hate. And Tommy never used to wear skinny jeans and Converse. What we have here is a slacker comedy of sorts, starring two of the most recognisable young actors in the country (seriously, all these Love/Hate ‘reunions’ in other dramas are going to end badly for someone).

In writer and director Brendan Grant’s Get Up & Go, we get to spend 24 hours (but not really) with Alex (Peter Coonan) and Coilin (Killian Scott); best mates, struggling artists (one’s a comedian, the other, a musician) and hopeless dreamers. One of the lads wants to move to London, but his girlfriend is pregnant. The other’s not doing very well at the auld joke-telling, given that he’s a tad heartbroken over a lost love.

Sounds jolly. Early reviews have been kind, and Grant seems to have gone and made another film that makes our capital city shine. Always a bonus.

Get Up & Go


In cinemas nationwide


The (Grown-Up) Concert

The Manhattan Transfer, National Concert Hall

The Manhattan Transfer

The Manhattan Transfer

That heading isn’t offensive, is it? Ah lads, they’ve been around for yonks, the renowned New York vocal group touching down in Ireland on Saturday night for the first time in three decades. Chanson D’Amour, Boy from New York City, Tuxedo – all the hits are in there, music fans. Trist Curless was recently welcomed back into the fold, too, replacing founding member, Tim Hauser, who passed away late last year. Here’s a fun fact: The Manhattan Transfer have won ten Grammies. TEN. Things might get jazzy.

Saturday. Tickets: €30 - €55. For more, visit www.nch.ie.


The (Old-School) Gig

The Charlatans, The Academy

The Charlatans

The Charlatans

Again, we don’t mean to offend, but it’s been a while since the Charlatans were in fashion. Twelfth album Modern Nature seems to have done decent business for Tim Burgess and company, but let’s face it, we’re all going to save our energy for The Only One I Know. So. Many. Jokes. In all seriousness, The Charlatans are a deadly rock ‘n’ roll band, and a neat little distraction while the Stones Roses contemplate their next musical move. Oh, and Tim’s  hair…jaysus. That blonde barnet deserves a stage of its own.

Friday. Tickets priced €30 are available at www.ticketmaster.ie.


The (Cool) Gig

Calexico, Olympia Theatre



Well, ‘cool’ may be pushing it, but we do love a good Americana tune around these parts. Joey Burns and the boys from Arizona just released a new album, and now they’d very much appreciate it if we took our seats for a respectable European tour that swings by the Olympia on Monday night. Yep, it’s a fully-seated show. Which might come in handy, depending on how the rest of the weekend goes. There may be one or two plaid shirts in the audience...

Monday. Tickets priced €27 - €29 available at www.ticketmaster.ie.


The Exhibition

Home \ Sick, Science Gallery

“How is the nature of home changing, and is it for better or worse?” That’s what the clever people over at the Science Gallery are wondering. They’d also like us to think about the “secrets” lurking in our household dust and whether or not we’d be able to teach a robot to make the bed (seriously).

Head on down to the Trinity College haunt this weekend for Home\Sick: Post-Domestic Bliss, an exhibition that examines and explores the meaning of and, indeed, our emotional attachment to our homes for all the answers. Not convinced? Okay, well, allow us to share with you one of the highlights of the exhibit. Its name is Blendie, and it’s a blender that “responds to visitors growling or yelling at it”. Yeah, you’re off the fence now.

Opens May 1. Free admission. For more, visit www.dublin.sciencegallery.com.


The Bar

Solas, Wexford Street

Solas on Camden Street

So, Solas is back. And, one of the brightest, shiniest bars on Wexford Street is offering up some tasty, well-priced drink menus. Actually, the new owners have kept things simple. All drinks are now €4.90. That includes cocktails and pints. We’ll see how long that one lasts, but hey, we know a good deal when we see one.


The Night Out

Jeff Mills, The Button Factory

Jeff Mills

Jeff Mills

Three hours with acclaimed American techno DJ, Jeff Mills? That’s a whole lotta headbangin’ and foot-stompin’. Dude’s been around forever – he’s also a proper artist, too. But let’s not get into the soundtracks or installations. All you need to know is that the Button Factory is going to get its sweat on this Sunday night. For real.

Sunday at 11pm. Tickets from €17.50. For more, visit www.buttonfactory.ie.


The Festival

Live Collision International Festival 2015, Project Arts Centre

It’s a ‘live art’ festival, basically (whatever that means). So, we can expect performance, digital interactions, dialogues, exhibitions and more in a three-day jamboree that “permeates both the cultural landscape and the city with equal provocation and rigour”. Now there’s a fancy statement and a half. A festival pass will set you back €33, and most of the action takes place at the Project Arts Centre, with a few off-site events popping up around town.

Ends Saturday. For a full list of events, visit www.projectartscentre.ie.


The Meal

Cornucopia, Wicklow Street

Cornupcia Wicklow Street


One for the veggies in the crowd. Or, you know, those who simply enjoy good food, the Cornucopia Wholefood and Vegetarian restaurant also catering for sugar-free, vegan and raw diets. They also sell organic wines (we’re on board now). And, we hear they do amazing breakfasts. Count us in for a well-prepared, healthy meal this weekend. We might take advantage of the late opening hours, too…

For more, visit www.cornucopia.ie.


The Play

To Kill a Mockingbird, Bord Gais Energy Theatre

To Kill a Mockingbird.jpg
To Kill a Mockingbird, Bord Gais Energy Theatre

To Kill a Mockingbird, Bord Gais Energy Theatre

A nice way to close out the long weekend, this. Readers all over the world lost their minds when it was announced that a second novel by Harper Lee would be published later this year, with the clever theatre folk over at Grand Canal Dock only too happy to tie in a little of that unexpected Harper publicity magic with their staging of the magnificent To Kill a Mockingbird. Well, we say ‘magnificent’, but we’ve yet to see if Lee’s powerful tale, in which a strong-willed lawyer (Atticus Finch) defends a young black man accused of rape in 1930s Alabama, will make for an engaging, theatrical set-up, but hopes are high. As are expectations.

Opens Monday (running until May 9) at 7.30pm. Tickets priced €15 - €40. For more, visit www.bordgaisenergytheatre.ie.

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