Saturday 16 December 2017

10 things to do in Dublin this weekend

Student Kifah Ajamia looks at an elephant, as nearly 100 anatomically dissected animals go on display in Dublin, as the Body Worlds: Animal Inside Out exhibition opens at the Ambassador Theatre
Student Kifah Ajamia looks at an elephant, as nearly 100 anatomically dissected animals go on display in Dublin, as the Body Worlds: Animal Inside Out exhibition opens at the Ambassador Theatre
Doheny & Nesbitt

Perhaps you were thinking of staying in this weekend, and maybe even saving your energy (as well as a few quid) for Paddy’s Day?

But may we remind you that this year’s celebrations fall on a school night? Yep, bad buzz indeed. No use waiting around until next Tuesday, so. Not when there’s a whole weekend of fun at your doorstop. Plus, rugby. Again. Grab your belongings and shut the door behind you – we’ve got the next three days sorted…


The Exhibition

Body Worlds Animal Inside Out, Ambassador Theatre

“Get under nature’s skin.” That’s one of the taglines, anyway. Another is “travel on an animal anatomical safari from the inside out” (we prefer that one). Basically, what we have here is an internationally-renowned animal exhibition that invites the public to explore the biology and physiology of some of the world’s most fascinating creatures.

Anatomist and inventor of plastination - the process in which tissue is preserved after the subject has deceased - Dr. Gunther Von Hagens is the man behind the Body Worlds phenomenon, and we can expect to see up to 100 plastinated specimens, including entire animal bodies, from goats and giraffes to octopuses and ostriches. Oh, and we hear there’s an opportunity for folks to peek inside the trunk of a giant elephant. So, get on down – it’s open to visitors of all ages, and you might learn a thing or two about evolution. Or, you know, what a giraffe’s tongue is capable of…

Open daily from 10am to 7pm. Tickets priced from €14 (adults) and €8 (children). For more, visit www.animalinsideout.ie.


The Night Out

Film Fatale’s Prohibition at IMMA, Royal Hospital Kilmainham

Oh boy, this sounds fun. Basically, the kind folks over at Film Fatale Ireland have invited movie fans across the city to descend upon the Irish Museum of Modern Art this Saturday night (in their finest glad rags, we might add), stepping back in time for a nostalgic night at the movies. Only, in real life.

A “ritzy Roaring Twenties vintage party” that promises to be “swell” (see what they did there?), Prohibition is, essentially, an elegant, Gatsby-esque, 1920s fancy-dress soiree, spread across a number of rooms, complete with ‘bathtub gin punch’, live ragtime bands, vintage DJs, gambling tables and a, erm, silent cinema.

For real, there’s a group called The Great Gatsbies on the bill and everything, with the DJs promising a few modern hits along the way (well, right up until the 70s at least). And yes, you gotta dress the part if you wanna join the fun. Are we making ourselves clear?

Saturday at 8pm. Tickets: €30. For more, visit www.filmfataleevents.com.


The Film

Kajaki (Omniplex Cinemas, 16)

Kajaki: The True Story (to give it its full title) advertises itself as a “modern British war film” and that it most certainly is.

Actually, it’s one of the finest war movies – British or otherwise – we’ve seen in years. Directed by Paul Katis (his feature-length debut), Kajaki is an incredibly tense and frightfully realistic account of how a small band of British soldiers became trapped in an unmarked minefield while on patrol near the Kajaki dam, Afghanistan, in September 2006.


Some suffered horrendous injuries while others risked their lives in order to help their friends as they waited for an evacuation team to arrive by helicopter. Seriously, this is jaw-dropping stuff, featuring stellar performances from a young, impressive cast of British newcomers, led by the astounding Mark Stanley. The running time is 108 minutes - we guarantee you’ll be holding your breath for most of it. An extraordinary film.


The Play

Run / Don’t Run, Project Arts Centre

Riveting new theatre, from writer Gary Duggan (Amber, Fair City), set in Spanish Harlem, New York in 1999, Run / Don’t Run tells the story of an Irish immigrant who sets up shop at his Irish-American cousin’s place, only to find that he’s landed himself bang, smack in the middle of a troubling domestic situation (the cousin and his girlfriend are at a bit of a crossroads in their relationship…yes, there may be a love triangle up ahead). But hey, it’s summer time, and there’s always a club or two to hit, right? Along the way, the trio “flirt with small-time criminality”. As you do. Directed by Aoife Spillane-Hinks, and starring Aonghus Óg McAnally, Sean Doyle and Leah Minto, Run / Don’t Run is suitable for viewers aged 16 and up. It also ends this weekend. Best hurry up and get the tickets in…

Friday (8.15pm) and Saturday (2.30pm / 8.15pm). Tickets priced €12 - €16, available from www.projectartscentre.ie.


The Comedian

Fred Cooke, Vicar Street

Where do these professional clowns get their show titles from, eh? With “Culchie Slicker”, the always reliable Fred Cooke – a giddy, guitar-playing, wind-up gem of a comedic storyteller - promises to delve into “chaotic country mayhem”. Whatever the heck that means. Look, Tommy Tiernan is a fan. That’s good enough for us.

Friday at 8.30pm. Tickets priced €22 available from www.ticketmaster.ie.


The Lunchtime Break

HamsandwicH Live, HMV Grafton Street

That’s right, the band with the worst name in Irish music (thank goodness the songs are better) launch their new single ‘Fandango’ with an in-store gig and signing at HMV, Grafton Street this Friday at 1pm. A nice little teaser ahead of the release of their third album, Stories from the Surface, due next month. Entry is free – just don’t go bringing your sambos along...


The Gig

Cry Monster Cry, Whelan’s

No, it’s not a metal band, nor do the Cry Monster Cry lads engage in the kind of Mumford-esque folk that…uh, wait a second. Yeah, they actually are a folk band. A folk duo, to be precise. And, unlike those Mumford lads, CMC genuinely are related. Indeed, Dublin brothers Richie and Jamie Martin launch their debut album, Rhythm of Dawn, in Whelan’s on Saturday night. Could be your new favourite Irish band, you know…

Saturday at 8pm. Tickets: €12.50. For more, visit www.whelanslive.com.


The Pub

Doheny & Nesbitt, Baggot Street

We mentioned something about rugby earlier. Is it just us or does it feel like this year’s Six Nations campaign has been running for months now? Either way, some of you are going to be on the lookout for a decent pub to watch the Ireland v Wales match this Saturday afternoon.

Doheny & Nesbitt

Honestly, we can’t think of a better place than Doheny & Nesbitt on Lower Baggot Street, if only because a) that part of town will be positively electric with the atmosphere , b) it’s a decent size and c) they do good Guinness. Important that. Our advice, as always, is simple. Get in early, find a good spot and stay there. No matter what.


The Meal

Las Tapas de Lola, Wexford Street

To be honest, they had us at the Spanish tapas part (we’ll have the traditional Barcelona spicy meatball please), but what has us really excited now is the temptation of a glass of sangria with our meal (it’s spring time, don’t judge us). The place opens at 5pm every day. It’d be silly not to book a table…

For more, visit www.lastapasdelola.com.


The Festival

Mind Body Spirit & Yoga Dublin Festival, RDS

Ah, you saw the word festival and thought you were in for some weekend tunes, didn’t you? Instead, might we interest you in “the largest Holistic & Wellbeing event in Ireland”? Yep, it’s a three-day job, this one, with 75 workshops and lectures courtesy of alternative wellbeing experts. We’re talking aromatherapy, facial massage, meditation, reflexology and more. Sounds…relaxing.

Doors open at 11am. Running Saturday – Monday. Tickets: €12. For more, visit www.mindbodyspirit.ie.

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