Wednesday 23 January 2019

... and Jennifer's expecting her first, too

THE baby boom is getting boomier.

RTE 2fm radio host Jennifer Maguire has announced she is expecting a baby with her husband, Lau Zamparelli.

The couple married in an intimate ceremony at Castle Leslie on July 1 this year.


And Jennifer revealed on her radio show this morning that although the couple were delighted with the news, she suffered with morning sickness all the way through her honeymoon.

"My honeymoon, supposed to be the greatest holiday of my life, was my worst experience being abroad," she said on air.

"I cried, because I was so ill. I couldn't even go for dinner with my husband because I couldn't stand.

"I only ate bananas and Special K for three weeks!"

And she said that there are plenty of myths about pregnancy which she is finding out are not true.

"They say the sickness stops - it doesn't. They say you'll feel amazing - you don't feel amazing, you feel like crap," she told her co-hosts on The Breakfast Republic Show.

Co-star Bernard O'Sea dropped a huge hint about the announcement live on air.


"You can be best friends with Amy Huberman now," he cryptically said, following on from the actress' announcement last night.

"It wasn't the way we wanted to announce it, by you blurting it out on air," Jen told her fellow host.

"Lau is going to kill you, you know that... he's a third dan," she laughed.

In the last two days, Samantha Mumba, Una Foden, Kate Middleton and Amy Huberman also confirmed they are expecting children in the coming months.

"We're all at it," Jennifer agreed.

The baby is due in early March 2015. Later, Jennifer (34) issued a statement about the couple's exciting news.

"We are thrilled to be expecting our first child," she said.

"It's a great time for myself and Lau and I just know he'll be an amazing dad. Hopefully I can enjoy the pregnancy as soon as the sickness passes."


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