Friday 17 November 2017

Women trust in me because I've been every shape, says stylist Lisa Fitzpatrick



Celebrity stylist Lisa Fitzpatrick has said women trust her to dress them because she has been "every shape and size" herself.

The fashionista has carved out a career as one of the country's most sought after stylists and she admitted the secret to her success is that she can relate to other women - and their fashion faux pas.

"I've made so many dodgy mistakes and I think I've made enough to know what's wrong. We're all the same, I've just found a groove that works for me and I know how to make it work for others because I've been every shape and size," Lisa told the Diary.

As well as hosting her own 'fashion fix' events around the country, Lisa is a regular on Ireland AM and Xpose, and has had stints presenting the style feature on popular ITV breakfast show This Morning.

With experience in broadcasting under her belt, the mother-of-two admitted it would be a "dream come true" to have her own show.


"I would love a kind of Off the Rails show. I did the makeovers on This Morning and we did four days in a row - I had never done that many one after another, normally they're every two months or so," she said.

"Doing them every day I just thought to myself that I could do it for the rest of my life.

"I love the feeling - not that I'm looking at someone without make-up and waving a magic wand - I actually love the whole idea of giving someone confidence and giving them a makeover from the outside in," she added.

While ladies around the country are queuing up for Lisa's advice, at home it's quite the opposite for the working mum. With her kids - Sophie (12) and Dalton (10) - growing up fast, Lisa admitted she's uneasy with them not needing her as much.

"They've gotten to the stage where they try and pretend that they don't need me and I miss that feeling of being needed," she said. "They're so independent and they do everything themselves, but they'll always be my babycakes."

The blonde was also on hand to launch National Heartburn Awareness Week, which kicks off today.

"I suffered from heartburn myself in the past and when I was 21 I had a bleeding stomach ulcer - it can be so dangerous if you don't get things checked out," Lisa said.

"A lot of people tend to self diagnose but it's so important to go to your local pharmacy or GP."

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