Tuesday 12 December 2017

Tommy Tiernan's wife is not bothered by sex 'stories'

Yvonne Tiernan
Yvonne Tiernan

Comedian Tommy Tiernan is famous for going into detail about his love life, but his wife Yvonne (inset) has said she doesn't mind when he talks about their relationship in public.

While many might cringe at hearing their husband talk about their love life in front of a crowd, Yvonne said she laughs it off - because most of what Tommy says is untrue.

"Tommy's a comedian, he's a performer and people are inclined to believe everything he says in performance, as if I sit at home in bed eating lasagne," Yvonne told the Herald.

"I wouldn't have married a comedian if I couldn't take the craic of it."

Yvonne has worked as Tommy's manager in the past, but is now stepping into the limelight with her own online series on the RTE Player. Her show, The Couch, will feature intimate interviews with female stars.

"I felt more comfortable about it being online because I'm not a famous person, so for it to go straight to TV would be a bit uncomfortable for me," she said.

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