Monday 11 December 2017

Stephanie Roche: 'I'd love to work on my own fashion line'

Stephanie Roche pictured wearing a Helen Cody design
Stephanie Roche pictured wearing a Helen Cody design

From footballer to style queen.

Ireland’s darling, sports star Stephanie Roche, has revealed she would love to release her own fashion line.

The 25-year-old has become a style sensation over the past few months since stepping out in a beautiful dusty pink dress by Helen Cody at the Ballon D’Or awards in January.

She has made such an impression on the Irish fashion scene that she has also been nominated for Most Stylish Newcomer at this year’s Peter Mark VIP Style Awards which take place in April. 

“I am open to different things. If I was approached to do something like that I would definitely consider it. I am into fashion and I do like clothes,” she told the Diary.

“I find it difficult to find things to fit me in length so it would be nice to be able to make my own stuff.

“It’s not something that I have thought about too much,” she said.

“Definitely, it would be something I would consider.

“But right now it hasn’t been something that’s come up,” she added.

The Bray native has always said that while she doesn’t mind what she looks like off the pitch, she likes to make an effort with her appearance when she’s not playing.


“I like getting dressed up and I do look after my appearance,” she said.

“Obviously when I’m playing football I don’t care what I look like, but off the pitch I am quite girly and like to look after my appearance.

“When I’m playing sport I don’t care – that’s the only thing on my mind and winning my match.

“When I come off the pitch, though, I do like to reassure myself that I am a lady and glam myself up a bit,” she added. The star of the women’s game here recently announced that she would be taking a huge career step in moving to America to play for Houston Dash in Texas – and Stephanie says she didn’t realise she was a role model for young girls hoping to play football.

“I never really thought that I was inspiring girls to take up football, to be honest,” she said.

“I have met so many young girls and they tell me how great I am and it’s a bit strange but I would never have thought of being a role model.

“But obviously a lot of young girls are looking up and seeing that I am a girly girl as well,” she continued.

“I think some girls might get away from it at a certain age when they think it’s a boys sport.

“But it’s a girls sport and you can be a girly girl and still play football,” she added.

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