Friday 15 December 2017

Roz Purcell: Stop asking me about marrying Bressie


Roz Purcell
Roz Purcell
Model Roz Purcell and boyfriend Bressie on New Year's Eve. Picture: Roz Purcell/Instagram

ROZ Purcell has revealed that she gets frustrated when people ask her about her plans to wed her other half, Bressie.

At just 24 she can't understand everyone's rush to see her with a ring on her finger.

The Tipperary model has been dating the Voice of Ireland coach for some time but she said she can lose her patience when quizzed about potential nuptials.

"I'm like, 'would you ask any other 24-year-old that?'," she told the Diary.

"Sometimes I get really mad when someone asks me but then I go home and I think that I shouldn't have got so mad."

Roz (right) shot to fame nearly five years ago when she represented Ireland at the Miss Universe pageant.

She believes people forget how young she really is.

"Even I think I'm older than 24. Sometimes I think I'm like 30 and then I'm like oh no its 24," she joked.

Roz has been run off her feet with work lately.

"You can't complain when it's busy because there are patches when it's not busy at all."

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