Friday 15 December 2017

No cook books for Pippa as she focuses on fashion business

Pippa O'Connor
Pippa O'Connor

MODEL Pippa O'Connor won't be joining the ranks of other Irish models and writing about her health food habits any time soon.

While her fellow models are known for their food blogs and are releasing cook books, Pippa won't be adding to the competition.

"I'm no Nigella Lawson and I absolutely love chocolate and crisps so I'd be such a hypocrite to start talking about healthy eating," she laughed.

"It's definitely not my forte," she told the Diary.

"I'm healthy in that we cook at home a lot," she added.

Blogging about fashion and style is more comfortable for the Kildare native and her brand is growing.

"To be getting more than 30,000 unique people a day is mind-boggling because it's pretty much a one woman brand," she said.

Between her website, a top-secret collaboration with Blank Canvas Cosmetics and her fashion factory make-over days, modelling has taken something of a back-seat for Pippa.

"It's naturally going that way though I'm not making a big deal about it saying 'I'm off'," she said.

"If it suits me and I can work around it with Ollie then that's great, but it's good to be my own boss."


Her son Ollie is 21-months-old and Pippa revealed that having a baby has changed her outlook when it comes to work.

"Back in the day it was hectic you could be doing four or five jobs and you'd be traveling all over the country and it was great - I was so thankful at the time," she said.

"But I wouldn't be able to do it now with Ollie, he would be in creche from dusk to dawn."

Models generally have a short shelf life in the tough industry but Pippa doesn't feel any pressure coming from younger women coming up behind her.

"I think it's great seeing so many young girls who are so enthusiastic and driven - I actually really like that," she said.

"We should encourage more of that at a younger age. So many young girls don't care and they don't see past the following month.

"I think it's definitely healthy to be so driven. The trick is not to take yourself so seriously."

The mum-of-one now hosts fashion factories around the country and they are proving extremely popular with Irish women.

"Whether you're a hard-working young girl or a working mum I think everyone deserves a bit of fluff and a bit of escapism and that's what the day is all about."

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