Saturday 16 December 2017

I was so nervous on new TV job I lost half a stone – Jenny Buckley

UTV Ireland weather girl, Jenny Buckley. Photo: 1IMAGE/Bryan Brophy
UTV Ireland weather girl, Jenny Buckley. Photo: 1IMAGE/Bryan Brophy

UTV Ireland’s Jenny Buckley was so nervous when she first started her new job that she lost “half a stone” in the first week.

Jenny has been with the new station since day one and fronts the weather bulletins as well as their entertainment slot, The Pulse.

“The first week I think I lost a half a stone because I was so nervous. But I’m definitely getting the hang of it,” she told TV Now magazine.

Jenny also said that since she began the job, people expected her to be an expert on all things meteorological.

“The amount of people who ask me about the weather, it’s constant,” she said.

“I’m no meteorologist. It’s green screen and the maps are there, but you can’t see where you’re pointing and everything is back to front.”

Jenny remains close to her former 3e co-presenter Michelle Doherty, who has a baby boy called Max.

“Her little boy has just turned one and she’s flying it,” she said.

“She’s very successful. She’s doing a lot of castings and she’s got a Tesco campaign, so a lot of things are opening up. London is definitely the place for her.

The 35-year-old has been married to her husband Gareth McClean for almost a decade and said she “always had an eye on him”.

“I knew his sister, we waitressed together in a restaurant in Howth and I always thought he was attractive,” she told TV Now.

“He was going out with somebody and broke up with that girl and we got together in the local bar – on the doorstep.”

The couple – who have a daughter Jude – married in Marbella, where Gareth’s family have a second home.

“We go every year and we love it,” she said.

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