Sunday 17 December 2017

'I barely see Andy now Keywest are on the up', says model Laura O'Shea


Laura O'Shea
Laura O'Shea

Model Laura O'Shea said she barely sees her boyfriend, Keywest frontman Andy Kavanagh, now that they're both so busy with work.

With Keywest's new album, Joyland, reaching number one in the charts and Laura fitting in many modelling jobs a day, she said it can be tough to fit in some time for romance.

"We're both running in and out the door and saying 'Hi' as we're going in and out, but it's great - we can't complain," Laura told the Diary.

"Andy is flying, the new single -Carousel - is doing so well and they're shooting a video this week.

"We live together, but I'm up in the morning and he's out in the evenings so he's getting home when I'm asleep - so we're lucky if we fit in a cup of tea on the weekends.

"Hopefully, at Christmas we'll get away again and spend some time together," she added. The glamorous couple had quite the milestone this week, when both their faces were staring back at them at the newsagents.

"We both have our first magazine cover photos out this month," she said.

"I'm on the front on the Irish Wedding Diary and the band are on the cover of Hot Press.

"That was a fun one, getting the two magazines together so. Having both of our careers picking up at the same time is exciting," she added.

The pair were friends before they got together three years ago and Laura has seen how hard the lads have worked, from busking on Grafton Street to having a number one record.

"I'm just so happy and proud of him, it's been a long time coming," she said. "I think they're going to be number one again next week.

"They're moving so fast they don't know what's going on, which is great. They're all delighted and they have so many more albums ready to go so there is no stopping them," she added.

The band are set to tour Ireland as well as some of the UK and Laura will be cheering them from the side of the stage in her hometown of Limerick.

"The tour is almost sold out. I'll go to see them down in Limerick and the gigs in the Grand Social in Dublin," she said.

"Other than that I'll leave it to their other fans to scream them on - they call themselves the Keywest mafia."

Meanwhile, the 25-year-old also ruled out walking up the aisle any time soon. "We'll stick with work for now," she said.

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