Wednesday 29 January 2020

Grey hairs don't faze me at all - I embrace them, says stylist Darren Kennedy


Darren Kennedy
Darren Kennedy

Despite what some people might think, I'm not high maintenance - I can get ready in no time at all and I'm forever clearing out my wardrobe and donating old items to charity.

However, my one grooming vice is my hair - I take a lot of pride in keeping it looking as slick as possible, but it grows like grass, so I go to Brown Sugar in Dublin every fortnight to get it chopped.

To keep it in the style I like takes a bit of work, but when it comes to grey hairs I'm not fazed. I have a few myself and it's not something I let bother me, you have to embrace it - I'm a big advocate for growing old gracefully.

Women can grow old just as easily, but with makeup and everything else they have a lot more tools at their disposal.

In my opinion, some of the stylish men in the world are those who embrace new phases in their lives - it's a downhill battle otherwise. Nature always wins.

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