Saturday 23 September 2017

Ladies' first as game considers points for a sideline cut

CAMOGIE folk are contemplating bringing in two points for a sideline cut.

It's well worth a look at. The sideline cut is a noble skill.

Perfecting the art requires many hours in the rehearsal studio.

And even then, the attempt can rest in the lap of the Gods, or in the lap of the 'keeper.

The sideline cut always brings a slice of excitement to match day. As the player swings to connect ash with leather, the nation, as George Hamilton would say, holds its breath.

It's not that often you see them converted. That proves how difficult a task it is.

Not quite as rare as a hole-in-one, but rare enough just the same.

Everything has to be right for the strike to hit the jackpot. But when it does, the feeling is electric.

Introducing the rule change would bring added acclaim to the sport. And maybe hurling might follow -- they trialled it in the recent past.

Ladies' football continues to receive the applause for their pick-up rule. Most say it's only a matter of time before the men follow suit.

And as they always say, mother knows best! Ladies first.

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