Friday 30 January 2015

February freeze

Dublin, Wicklow, Meath and Kildare were the worst hit areas on Monday as a major snowfall came down across the country on Sunday night. (Photo: Doug O'Connor/Evening Herald)
In Sandyford the downfall was thick enough for snow fights as children made the most of the wintry conditions. (Photo:Doug O'Connor/Evening Herald)
While children enjoyed playing in the snow, it wasn't fun for everyone with the icy conditions creating traffic chaos. This Audi was one of two cars that hit a road barrier at the Red Cow Roundabout at around 6am on Monday morning. (Photo: Kyran O'Brien/Evening Herald)
The snowfall also caused chaos at Dublin airport with many passengers left stranded or delayed for hours at a time. Over in London where the conditions were even icier, 650 flights out of Heathrow airport were cancelled on Monday. (Photo: Gwen Kelly)
For many commuters getting in and out of the office has been a nightmare with many spending hours behind the wheel. (Photo: Gwen Kelly)
A temporary thaw could be on the way according to this melting snowman in Rockbrook.
Waiting for buses and trains hasn't been much fun for commuters as the near-freezing conditions show little sign of easing. (Photo: Doug O'Connor)
Met Eireann says the wintry conditions are likely to stay with us until at least the end of the week.
The snow continued to fall thick and fast around Leinster House as talks between the government and the social partners broke down in the early hours of Tuesday morning. (Photo: Ray Cullen)
Icy conditions
A view of central Dublin covered in snow. (Photo: Frank McGrath)
Mountain rescue teams were called in to help four men stranded in their 4x4s near Sally Gap on Wednesday afternoon. (Photo: Glen of Imaal Mountain Rescue Team)
An Irish Coast Guard Sikorsky S-61 helicopter eventually airlifted the men to safety. (Photo: Glen of Imaal Mountain Rescue Team)
Sharon Collins (9) and Megan Felton (10) pictured gearing up for a snow fight outside their school in Rathfarnham.
Drives are being urged to exercise caution as sleet and snow continue to fall across the country.
Locals in Dundrum braved the weather at lunchtime on Thursday. (Photo: Nicholas O'Donoghue)
Cars brave the ice on roads on Thursday. (Photo: Nicholas O'Donoghue)
The continuing cold snap saw Dublin Airport shut down for a few hours on Thursday afternoon with delays expected for Friday. Passengers are advised to call their airline before making their way to the airport. (Photo: Steve Humphreys)
A lone beggar braved the poor weather conditions in Dublin's O'Connell Street on Thursday. (Photo: Doug O'Connor)
Roads continue to be a problem for drivers with black ice and snow creating hazardous conditions and long delays. (Photo: Doug O'Connor)
The cold weather has seen the water in the Dundrum's Town Centre fountain freeze over. (Photo: Nicholas O'Donoghue)
Dundrum is now also home to arguably the smallest snowman in town. (Photo: Nicholas O'Donoghue)