Sunday 25 January 2015

Diary heads to the Tropic Thunder premier

Louise and Pamela Viti were among the movie lovers at the Dublin premier of Tropic Thunder at Cineworld in Parnell Street. (Photo: Brian McEvoy)
Cillian Sullivan and Aoife Ni Bhriain were also at the premier. (Photo: Brian McEvoy)
Brendan Rogers and Thomasina Connell. (Photo: Brian McEvoy)
Olive O'Donoghue, Amy McGovern and Ciara Heverin pictured at the gala premier in Dublin. (Photo: Brian McEvoy)
Lorraine Daniels and Eva Hall. (Photo: Brian McEvoy)
Tara O'Leary and Jackie Malone. (Photo: Brian McEvoy)
The Coronas were among the attendees at the premier. (Photo: Brian McEvoy)
George McMahon. (Photo: Brian McEvoy)
Kira Burdue and Claire Lynd pictured at the Parnell Street premier. (Photo: Brian McEvoy)
Chris Turner and Cathy O'Connor were also at the Irish premier. (Photo: Brian McEvoy)
Melanie McDermott and Garret Conlon.(Photo: Brian McEvoy)
Fergus Kealy, Conor Power and Karl Shaaban pictured at the Irish premier of the new Ben Stiller movie, Tropic Thunder. (Photo: Brian McEvoy)