Thursday 27 April 2017

Thug threatens arson victim Roisin (12) and her mum with lighter

Roisin Halligan who suffered hand burns in the attack
Roisin Halligan who suffered hand burns in the attack
from left are Sabrina (Mum of Roisin), Lexi 18mts, Roisin 11yrs, William 5mts, Ellen (Mum of William)

A 12-year-old girl who suffered severe burns while saving her young cousins from an arson attack has received death threats, her family has said.

Roisin Halligan was only 11 when she was badly injured in the attack on her grandmother’s house in Waterford City last October.

The courageous girl threw herself on top of one-year-old Lexie Halligan when someone hurled the petrol bomb through the front window of the home of her grandmother Nelly Halligan.

Roisin was hailed a hero and presented with a bravery award for her actions last week at the Mansion House in Dublin.

But just hours later a thug flicked a lighter in her face after she had returned to Waterford and told her, “I’m going to kill you and your mam.”

Roisin’s mother Sabrina (32) said they were shocked with what occurred

from left are Sabrina (Mum of Roisin), Lexi 18mts, Roisin 11yrs, William 5mts, Ellen (Mum of William)

“He flicked a lighter near Roisin’s face and was saying he was going to get her and me,” she added.

Roisin spent ten weeks in hospital following the arson attack and needed major skin grafts to her face and body.

Sabrina described how the youth, has been threatening her and her family.

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“When my sister went to make a complaint to gardai about the threat, he followed her to the station and made the threat again,” she explained.

Sabrina said the threats had started up again after Roisin received her bravery award.

“There is no justice. He’s getting away with murder,” said Sabrina.

“He’s making threats and we think he will follow through with them,” she explained.

“We need something done now or I fear one of our children will end up six-feet under the ground,” she added.

Sabrina said Roisin, who suffered serious burns to her arms and legs in the attack, has been a different child since it happened.

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“Roisin hasn’t been the same since. She’s had to stop going to youth clubs and places like that because she has to walk by these people,” she said.

“She’ll only go across the road on her own, other than that she has to have someone with her because she’s afraid all the time,” she added.

“She had to go to hospital because of a petrol bomb at the age of 11. No child should ever have that,” said Sabrina.

Sabrina said the town has become unsafe for many people, but she will not be driven out of it by the latest threats.

“I’m going to keep fighting for this thug to be put in jail where he belongs,” she added.

Sabrina said that she has endured anti-social behaviour outside her house and is now constantly worried that her home will be targeted or her mother’s home will be attacked again.

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