Wednesday 29 March 2017

Men avoid the wrath of women at their worst with free PMS reminders

Fretting boyfriends need never worry about upsetting their girlfriend during that particular time of the month with the help of a new reminder system.

PMSbuddy.com was established to help men to "be prepared and aware when it's the difficult time of the month for many women," according to its website.

Creator Jordan Isenberg said: "The site can text and email you with a reminder that the time of the month is on the way so you can be prepared for all events."

The system allows the user to enter the PMS details of five different women for free.

The Inbox on Dublin's 98 revealed the new website which it is claimed makes men all around the country safe.

However, The Inbox producer said that he doesn't believe this is to assist men who have a few women on the go.

"The idea is that you set reminders up of women you work with or who are in your family who tend to get a bit stroppy" he joked.

Presenters Joan Lea and Paul Connolly received hundreds of texts from bemused listeners into their radio show.

"I am going straight on to that site. My girlfriend is like a pitbull at that time of the month," said one texter called Dave.


Another texter said that when his girlfriend has her "lady's time", he keeps a safe distance. "It's like the house is riddled with landmines: one wrong step and the whole place goes up," said James in Clonskeagh, "Tread softly, gents. Very, very softly."

But women were not so happy with the idea of the site. "This site is making us sound like monsters," said a lady called Trish. "Guys, get over it, it's only once a month. Deal with it, you all have it so easy."

However, the site gives men a bit of an insight into how a woman might feel.

The website advises: "First and foremost, don't ask: 'Do you have PMS? It sure seems like it!' whenever she isn't being a perfect angel."

One texter claimed that her boyfriend had set up five reminders to his phone, one for her, one for his boss and the rest for his sisters.

"The fact he hasn't had a plate, pen or cup thrown at him in months means it must be working," Jane from Drumcondra went on to reveal.

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