Monday 24 April 2017

'It's a huge employer - if there are job losses it will have a knock-on effect'

Ken McGill
Ken McGill
Martin O'Donnell
Liam Banon
Willie Walsh

RESIDENTS, businesses, and former employees of Aer Lingus living in Swords have spoken out against the government sale of the airline.

Known locally as the Hangar 5, the town of Swords has a long-standing history with Aer Lingus.

Local barman Ken McGill (39), who works in the bar of the Forty Four Hotel on Swords Main Street, said that the deal was "disgraceful" and "detrimental to Swords."

Ken McGill

Eileen Kiely, a resident of River Valley estate and a former employee of Aer Lingus, said a deal with IAG would remove job security.

She said that people in the airline "fear for their jobs", and that when she worked for the company "there was always a confidence that your job was secure because it was government backed."

Solicitor Martin O'Donnell (36) said he represents many businesses and Aer Lingus clientele in the area and said that he hoped the sale wouldn't have "a knock-on effect on jobs.

Martin O'Donnell

"It's a huge employer for the area and if there are job losses it will have an effect on a town that is revitalising and coming back to its old self," he said.

Liam Bannon

Resident Liam Bannon (50) said that Aer Lingus "has an identity with Swords" and that people were afraid this would disappear after the sale.

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