Wednesday 18 October 2017

Neighbour 'punched' in squabble over smelly dog

A MAN has been accused of punching his next-door neighbour and giving him a black eye after a row erupted over the neighbour's dog.

Paul Noone (31) allegedly lost his temper in an argument with his neighbour Raymond O'Connell and his wife Lavinia about the smell of their dog and his constant barking.

Mr O'Connell claimed that Noone was "growling like a dog" when he punched him in the incident in Lusk.

However, it was claimed that Mr O'Connell went to Noone's house for a "showdown" about the dog, he assaulted him first and Noone only hit him in self-defence.

Noone denied assault causing harm to Mr O'Connell at Dun Emer Drive, Lusk.

Mr O'Connell told Balbriggan District Court he went over to Noone's house on August 2 last year after his wife told him the defendant had been "aggressively moaning" about the dog.

Mr O'Connell said his neighbours disliked his dog from the start. He also claimed they got a dog to annoy him but it "drove them mad so they got rid of it".

He also said he had a problem with Noone complaining to his wife when he wasn't at home as he was "bullying" her and she was frightened.

Meanwhile, Mrs O'Connell said they'd suffered "constant" verbal abuse from Noone for over four years and her husband simply wanted to "talk to him and sort it out".

Mr O'Connell said he went over to Noone's house, rang the doorbell and walked to the end of the driveway. Noone came out and he said "what's your problem". He said Noone told him "you see that f**king dog, either you get it sorted or I will".

He admitted he called Noone "a prick".

Mr O'Connell claimed Noone was "aggressively in his face" and wanted to sort out the problem "man to man". He said he refused and pushed him back with his open hands.

He said Noone then punched him in the face. He said Noone had wanted to "do him for a long time".

Mr O'Connell's wife Lavinia said her husband fell dazed to the ground and Noone "kicked and booted" him as he lay there.

Mrs O'Connell said Noone kept repeating "I'm going to kill you. You're dead".


The pair were eventually separated by their partners. Mr O'Connell suffered a severe injury to his eye while Noone had scratches on his left check, elbow and under his eye, as well as two bite marks on his torso.

Defence lawyer Brendan Foley said Mr O'Connell went around to his client's house for a "showdown". Mr Foley said Mr O'Connell called Noone a foul name, pushed him and he only acted in self-defence.

The matter was adjourned for one week for a decision by Judge Brian Joseph Sheridan.

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