Thursday 19 October 2017

Cold snap: A brave 2,700 go skinnydipping

Around 2,700 people in Dublin shed their clothes in the early hours of this morning, and all in the name of art.

They all got naked to have their photograph taken by the American photographer Spencer Tunick.

The artist is renowned for taking large-scale photographs of group nudes in different cities around the world. Another group of Irish people had posed a few days previously in Blarney.

While most of the city was asleep, the participants gathered at 3am at South Wall in Dublin's Docklands.

The shoot was then done on Pigeon House Road at the Docklands. First of all people were instructed to take their clothes off, and walk along a pier where the photographer instructed them from a crane to get into different positions.

The first position involved looking out to sea, the second involved lying on the ground and the third was a foetal position.

It then began to rain, but that did not deter about 500 from wading out ankle deep into water. The shoot lasted from 3am until 7am.

Participants had been obliged to register online if they wanted to take part and then meet in the Dublin Docklands, where they were told they would be led to a secret location for the shoot.

The registration form stated that no drunken behaviour would be accepted.

The torrential rain of Wednesday and Thursday might have put some people off but Spencer Tunick wasn't to be deterred. "Rain or shine!" said the final email before the big day. It also said that Spencer would work as quickly as possible if the weather was chilly.

Spencer Tunick has had a colourful career. His largest group shot was in Mexico City's central square where he managed to convince 18,000 people to take their clothes off and strike a pose.

"The crowd were friendly and cheerful in spite of the cold weather, and as the photo shoot wound to a close, you could see lots of couples slipping off for breakfast together -- with their clothes on of course," said one participant today.

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