Sunday 13 July 2014

Angel cabbies spread their wings

A TAXI company which only employs female drivers, has expanded its services across the city.

Cars with Angel Cabs will soon sport distinctive pink taxi plates as they bid to get more business across Dublin, and continue to market the service to women who feel more comfortable travelling with female taxi drivers.

"We spent most of the past year experimenting with the service in Dublin 15 and Dublin 4," said businessman Gerard McCarthy.

"The business had been going well. We found that women were out socialising between Thursday and Saturday and would call us then. A lot of men were using the service as well."

Encouraged by its success in these two zones, the company now has its own 24-your call centre, and the women-only service will be available across the capital.


At the moment, 12 female drivers work for the company but Mr McCarthy has a database of 60 drivers.

"There are approximately 200 female drivers working in Dublin. I want to get as many of these on board as possible.

"The fact that we only employ female drivers is a unique selling point -- we believe it makes people more secure. Women, senior citizens and a lot of men, for some reason, are using it."

In October, Mr McCarthy revealed that many mothers anxious about daughters out socialising at night were booking female-only cabs with his business.

Gerard is hoping that his business will continue to prosper despite the fact that taxi drivers' representatives are saying they are facing hard times in this economic climate.

More than 1,500 taxi drivers were involved in a protest yesterday at the continued issuing of taxi plates. They claim that since the deregulation of licensing in 2000, the number of taxis in Dublin has risen from 2,000 to 25,000.

Despite this, Mr McCarthy is hopeful that his business will continue to prosper.

"We now offer a full taxi service across Dublin including accounts at reduced rates to corporate customers," he said.



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