Tuesday 25 April 2017

Ultimate flat tummy workout

Ab exercises also help you strengthen your back and improve balance, says Pat Henry

The Plank Roll Out
The Plank Roll Out
The Plank Roll Out 2
The Hip Bridge 1
The Hamstring Leg Curl 1
Hamstring Leg Curl 2
Lower Ab Roll Out
Lower Ab Roll Out

Using the ab roller looked easy, right? Not so, as it takes a little practise, especially keeping the balance, plus getting the movements and form correct can take a while.

But as you persist in mastering the technique, you will start to feel the roller beginning to work your abs from the bottom to the upper part.

Also the chest and arms will feel a little tender, but as with all the exercises, when done correctly, the abs will be directly affected in a good way.

Those who have been using the roller since last week will have discovered that the most difficult part of the exercise was finding the balance. Especially when trying to perform the single leg kicks.

Also, when initially rolling out from the start position, it takes a little work to not end up face down on the floor.

Try and keep the balance at the centre point, where you feel the core working. By going out too far you may not be able to get back to the start position that easily.

As with all exercises, find the level that suits your own level of fitness and flexibility and build your stamina from there.

As I've said from the very beginning, be careful of your knees and your lower back. For example, if your abs are weak you will engage your lower back as you drop into the position, so be very careful.

Add in these series of movements to last week's and then do the same with part three and four, over the next couple of weeks.

I would still stay on one set of 10 reps until you become proficient and comfortable moving from one exercise to another.

The ab rollers are available from most department stores and sports shops.

For more info, telephone: 01 661 6195; email: info@henryfitnesscentre; com; or see www.henryfitnesscentre.com

1) Plank roll out


Stand with straight legs, bending at the hip and holding the roller on the floor. Roll the body out until you are in the upper plank position, shoulders, hips and toes are in a straight line. Make sure your stomach is tight and the core is engaged.


Lower ab roll out Sit with your feet on the handles on the roller, fold your arms in from of your chest. While you roll your feet away, gently lean your body back keeping your stomach tight.


2) Hip Bridge


Place your feet on the handles of the roller and push your hips up towards the roof until your body is straight from your shoulders to your knees. Start the move by tightening your stomach and then squeeze your bum.

The Hip Bridge 2

3) Hamstring leg curl


Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet on the handles of the roller, lift the hips off the floor and roll the roller away until the legs are straight then pull the feet back to the start position.


Lower Ab Roll Out


Sit with your feet on the handles on the roller, fold your arms in from in front of your chest. While you roll your feet away, gently lean your body back keeping your stomach tight


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