Saturday 29 April 2017

One ball, two dumb-bells and you're on the way to a fit body

Week 4: At this stage in the programme even your sleep will have improved

Chest Flies

We're now in week four of our stability ball programme.

Each movement should be getting easier, the muscles should be loosening and your shape starting to change. Your breathing should be improving all the time with an overall feeling of positivity resulting.

The benefits of getting fitter go well beyond the physical body, too. Your sleep pattern will improve, your energy levels will be up, the lack of life force you might have previously felt will definitely improve.

All of this will change simply by upping your exercise plan and aiming for better health and fitness.

The latest health research shows that the most effective way of improving your health is to take a good exercise plan coupled with a simple eating plan - nothing complicated like exotic foods, just simple wholesome, nutritious, basic food.

Now that you have taken steps to improve your health and wellbeing, stay on track by keeping focused on what you wish to achieve. How will you look and feel on this journey you are taking? This is where having a definite plan keeps you on track.

For example, put the exercise sequence on your bedroom wall or vision board and make a definite decision to complete your workout no matter what happens, whether it's your friends calling around, something good on TV and so on.

We can make lots of excuses on why there is not enough time. You can be tired etc, but try to press on and go for it.

The complete circuit only takes 45 minutes, three times a week. That's not exactly too much time out of your week for better health and fitness. It's also free - all you need is a stability ball and two dumb-bells. You can do it in your garden, your sitting room, on the beach, where ever!

So just go for it.

For more info, telephone: 01 661 6195; email: info@henry fitnesscentre.com; or see www.henryfitnesscentre.com


Back Extension


Lie face down with the ball resting on your tummy, fingertips are by your temples. Lift your chest up off the ball, using the middle back muscles. Keep your core engaged.



Chest Flies


Lie with your upper back supported on the ball, arms holding the weights over your chest. Arms are slightly bent with your elbow wider than your wrist. Open your arms out until they are parallel to the floor, then pull back to the starting position. Lead with your elbow.



Push ups


Lie face down with your feet on the ball and your hands on the floor. Keep your body straight and lower your chest towards the floor. Then push your body up again. The closer the ball to your feet, the harder it will be. The closer to your hips, the easier.


Stability ball press


Lie with your upper back supported by the ball, weights at your shoulders. Push the weights up towards the ceiling and bring together. Lower slowly to your shoulders again.



Pictures posed by instructor Jen Feighery

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