Friday 28 April 2017

On the ball: Exercise that's fun

When it comes to exercise, variety can help you get best results, says Pat Henry

Wall Squat 1
Wall Squat 1
Wall Squat 2
Reverse Split Squat 1
Reverse Split Squat 2
Hamstring Curl 1
Hip Bridge 1
Hip Bridge 2

There was a great response to our ab-roller workout. Completing that sequence of all exercises will now take you a maximum time of 30 minutes, for three sets of 20 reps.

With changes in your eating habits, cutting out all low-fat and sugary carbohydrates and soft drinks, results will start to show - particularly around the back and tummy areas.

Fat can tend to accumulate more rapidly in those areas - more so than any other part of the body and this is the case for both for men and women. So keep it low-GI and watch the inches fall away.

Moving forward, variety is good for any workout and using simple stability-ball work, you can have fun and use it to complement our previous workout.

Some of these moves can be added to your existing workout, so if you want to change your routine, then move onto the next level.

Simply follow our plan over the next five weeks, push the body a little further and get ready for summer.

The simplicity of these routines should be very appealing. While they are effective and work the whole body, you don't need any fancy equipment.

Your programme can be performed at home, at work or even on holidays. So there is no excuse for not getting started.

As before, and with any new routine, we start slowly as muscles take a while to adapt.

You may be getting fit in one type of movement that you are now used to, but doing exercises from different angles can have the effect of making the muscles tender.

That's why changing the routine every few weeks can be very beneficial on getting results - but you also need to listen to your body.

Mixing it up means you simply shock the body as it never knows what's coming next.

Remember, exercises are like musical notes: there are only so many variations, but by changing the note, you get a different result - the body is the same. A slight variation can change the shape of the muscle, depending on what end result you have in mind.

For more info, telephone: 01 661 6195; email: info@henry fitnesscentre.com; or see www.henryfitnesscentre.com

Wall Squat

Wall Squat 1

Place the ball between the wall and your back. With the feet shoulder width apart, sit down into a squat position with your back straight, leaning against the ball.

Wall Squat 2

Reverse split squat

Reverse split squat 1

Place your back foot up on the ball. With the other leg right out in front, drop the back knee down towards the floor. Keep your body upright.

Reverse split squat 1

Hamstring curl

Hamstring Curl 1

Rest your legs on top of the ball and roll it in towards the bum, working the thighs, biceps and bum. To finish, extend the legs back out to start position.


Hamstring Curl 2





Hip Bridges

Hip Bridge 1

Lie on your back with your heels up on the ball. Hold the ball in place as you lift, squeeze your bum and drive your hips up off the ground. Stop when your hips are level with your shoulders and knees, pause and then drop them slowly to the floor.

Hip Bridge 2

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