Thursday 27 April 2017

Flat tummy: the final instalment

Build momentum slowly for long-lasting results and fitness, says Pat Henry


At this stage, you should be practiced in completing three complete sets of our series.

However, if you are struggling, just drop the reps from 20 to 10.

Stay in the comfort zone for the moment. When you feel ready, then just work a little harder and gradually increase the reps — the old saying “no pain, no gain” doesn’t really apply here.

If you push too far too soon, or if you go beyond your current fitness level, you may end up getting injured.

So always train safely if you are in a class or gym setting. Stop when you feel discomfort or pain, it’s your body’s way of warning you to take care.

Many trainers try and use intimidation in a class — they scream and shout and embarrass the client. This works for some people, but only for those who can handle a teacher belittling them, and perhaps those who are super fit to begin with and want to be pushed.

The majority of clients would hate this happening to them, so don’t feel embarrassed. Stop if you don’t feel well or if your legs are burning from squats.

Pushing beyond your limits is great for making progress in any walk of life, but in exercise, you should slowly increase the intensity over time.

This approach will always win out as opposed to someone training like mad every day of the week for a few weeks then burning out, forcing them to stop for a while before resuming their routine again.

Keep your programme going two or three times on a  weekly basis. This will achieve  better results in the long run, so stay focused and a strong core will be your reward at the end.

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Plank Roll outs with wall


Stand with straight legs and hold the roller on the floor with straight arms. Roll your body out until you are holding the roller under your shoulders with the body in a straight line and the stomach engaged. Use the wall as a stopping point.



Back and glute extensions

Lie face-down and hold the roller at your head.


Tighten the tummy and roll your hands away, lifting your chest off the floor. At the same time, squeeze your bum and lift your legs off the floor. Hold and repeat.



Cat Stretch


Position yourself on your hands and knees while holding the roller under your shoulders.


Tuck your head and tail bone under while pushing your upper back the opposite way towards the ceiling. Stretch the upper back and breathe deeply.




Child's Pose


Position yourself on your hands and knees while holding the roller under your shoulders. Sit back onto your heels while stretching your hands out. Stretch your upper back.


Pictures posed by instructor Jen Feighery

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