Monday 1 May 2017

'Buying size 10 clothes beats the taste of any pizza' reveals Damo and Ivor writer Jules Coll

Jules Coll
Damo & Ivor producer Jules Coll before she had gastric bypass surgery

She'll never eat pizza again but Jules Coll says it's worth it after losing nine stone following surgery.

Coll - who writes and produces TV's Damo & Ivor with her cousin Andy Quirke - had struggled with her weight for 15 years before having a gastric bypass.

Coll (36) allowed the cameras to follow her as she dropped from a size 22 to a svelte size 10.

"Surgery was a last resort, I'd tried everything but I could never get my weight under control," Coll told the Herald.

"My capacity to eat is dramatically smaller and it means no takeaways or chocolate for me for the rest of my life because I can no longer tolerate highly-processed foods. I'm delighted about that because it means I'm super healthy."

She used to "reward herself with food", but Coll says she now "gets a buzz off buying size 10 clothes" and it feels "a million times better than any pizza".

jules before.jpg
Damo & Ivor producer Jules Coll before she had gastric bypass surgery

Coll admits she notices she's getting more male attention recently.

"Before no one would chat me up but that has changed - I see guys checking me out in the supermarket now," she said.

Viewers will see her dramatic transformation on RTE2 October 1 up close, as she posed in her underwear before and after losing weight for the show.

"Posing in my bra and kickers at 19 stone was one of the scariest things I've ever done and it was just as scary as a size 10," she said.

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