Sunday 30 April 2017

Red Rock star Elva Trill goes from waitress to film star as she appears with ex-Bond girl Alison Doody

Elva Trill at the special pre-screening of new Tv3 Soap Red Rock at The Lighthouse Cinema
Elva Trill at the special pre-screening of new Tv3 Soap Red Rock at The Lighthouse Cinema
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From silver service to the silver screen. It's only a few years since rising star Elva Trill was waiting celebrities' tables in fine dining restaurants, but now she's one of Ireland's hottest up-and-coming young actresses.

Former waitress Elva (24) has bagged a string of covetable roles in high-profile films and TV shows, including Jim Sheridan's The Secret Scripture and RTE's highly anticipated drama Rebellion.

The Sligo native will also share the screen with former Bond girl Alison Doody in the upcoming film Brother.

Elva and Alison play a mother daughter duo in the flick.


"Alison was lovely, she's so beautiful in person," brunette Elva said."We had to do scenes where she was very maternal and warm and you could see it came so naturally to her because that's what she is.

"She was very supportive. When I was questioning myself, I remember her coming over to me and telling me I did well, which was amazing to have that encouragement."

Elva has clocked up several TV roles on programmes such as Ripper Street and Red Rock.

She also recently wrapped filming on RTE's 1916 drama Rebellion alongside a host of Irish stars including Love/Hate's Charlie Murphy - another actress the Ballymote woman looks up to.

"One of the scenes we did was very emotional for her and she just gave it socks every single time," Elva said.

"There wasn't one moment when she faltered. She hit every nail on the head. It was a pleasure to work with her."

The young screen star will walk her first official international red carpet in London's Leicester Square next month when she attends the premiere of horror film Cherry Tree, which she also has a role in.

Alison Doody

"I assumed it was going to be the same as a premiere here in Ireland were you show up and there just might be a photographer there. Luckily I checked out what we're supposed to wear to it because I didn't realise it will be so fancy - I probably would have turned up in jeans," she said.

Elva also hinted she's lined up to work on even more projects before Christmas, but was keeping tight-lipped on the details.

"I should be busy until December but I can't say what on," she added.

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