Thursday 30 March 2017

Kate Winslet: Michael Fassbender is the hardest-working actor I've ever meet

Leading man: Michael Fassbender as the Apple founder in new movie Steve Jobs
Leading man: Michael Fassbender as the Apple founder in new movie Steve Jobs
Michael Fassbender takes the lead role in the Steve Jobs biopic
Michael Fassbender
Kate Winslet is in talks to join Danny Boyle's film about Steve Jobs

Oscar winner Kate Winslet has heaped praise on Michael Fassbender, claiming he is one of the hardest-working actors in the business. The pair worked together on the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic, directed by Danny Boyle.

The Kerryman stars as the Apple founder, while Winslet plays Joanna Hoffman, who worked closely with Jobs from the early days of Apple Computers.

“I want to make sure you hear me loud and clear: I have never, ever seen an actor work so hard,” she said.


“His work ethic is un-f**king believable, to the point where I would worry about him. He had 182 pages of dialogue. He was on every single page.

“It was like learning Hamlet times two,” she added.


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The intense script was written by Aaron Sorkin, known for penning shows like the West Wing, and the movie is written in three acts.

While Winslet was impressed by his ability to learn lines, Fassbender said it takes him a while to perfect the dialogue.

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“It honestly takes me longer than the average person would,” Fassbender said.


“I just read it over and over again and kind of go crazy and keep reading it and go a little more crazy and just keep reading it.”

The film has been getting rave reviews and Fassbender is pleased that his performance is garnering Oscar buzz.

 “It makes me feel good,” he told E! News.

The 38-year-old was previously nominated for his role in 12 Years a Slave.

Steve Jobs, which also stars Seth Rogen and Jeff Daniels, will open in cinemas on November 13.

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