Monday 27 February 2017

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: 'I apologise for having a minor relapse'


Irish actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers appears to have fallen off the wagon in London. Picture:
Irish actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers appears to have fallen off the wagon in London. Picture:
Irish actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers appears to have fallen off the wagon in London. Picture:
Mara Lane with Jonathan Rhys Meyers and his grandmother
Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Mara Lane at The Irish Post Awards 2014 and Business Gala Dinner held at the London Hilton, Park Lane

Jonathan Rhys Meyers has apologised to his "friends and colleagues" after pictures of him looking dishevelled while drinking vodka surfaced last week.

The Golden Globe winner has battled alcohol issues for more than a decade and insists the relapse was just a "blip" in his recovery.

Yesterday the Cork native posted a public apology on his fiance Mara Lane's Instagram account explaining what happened.

"Mara and I are thankful for your support and kindness during this time," he wrote.


"I apologise for having a minor relapse and hope that people don't think too badly of me."

Meyers is staring in an upcoming action movie, Damascus Cover, with the film-makers at the Cannes Film Festival seeking international distribution deals.

He wasn't present at the festival but said that it was nothing to do with the drinking incident.

"I stopped drinking immediately and it is no reflection of Damascus Cover as I was not meant to attend Cannes this year and I apologise to friends and colleagues.

"I am on the mend and thank well-wishers and sorry for my dishevelled appearance as I was on my way home from a friend's and had not changed.

"I feel I made a mistake and feel quite embarrassed but this was a little blip in my recovery, otherwise I'm living a healthy life. Love and blessings," he added.

The Cork native has a well-documented battle with alcohol since he shot to fame in the 2002 romantic comedy, Bend it like Beckham.

It is reported he has been to rehab six times over the past few years, including stints at the Promises facility in Malibu, California.

He was arrested in Dublin airport in 2007 in a severely drunken state, where he fell asleep and fell off a seat, unconscious, on to the floor.

On February 27, 2009, the actor checked into rehab for a third time, but left less than a month later.

In 2010, when he was the star of the worldwide hit, The Tudors, he was involved in a fracas at JFK airport, after downing vodkas in the VIP lounge and abusing airline staff.

Later, in November 2011, the star was ordered by a French court to pay a restitution of €1,000 and was given a judgment of a suspended sentence for public intoxication two years previously.


Meanwhile, his spy thriller Damascus Cover succeeded in signing a number of international distribution deals last week.

Variety magazine reports that the film was sold to companies in South Africa, India, Vietnam and China at the Cannes Film Festival.

Rhys Meyers plays an undercover agent sent to Syria in 1989 to help a chemical weapons scientist and his family leave the country.

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